English Tracklists for Cpop, Kpop & Jpop

September 18, 2008, 2:46 PM
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WE HAVED MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To a better location:


This is a source for english tracklists for Cpop, Kpop & Jpop albums, as well as OSTs!

NEW: English lyrics of songs will now be posted!!!!

If like me, you’ve had so much trouble through buying or downloading an album and then having to spend hours looking for english tracklists, well not anymore XD

Use the search box to search for your required artist and/or album.

If you have any requests please feel free to leave a comment, other than that, ENJOY! ^^

NOTE: I do NOT host downloads here so please dont ask, its english tracklists only! Though I can recommend some sites such as:

Cpop Share: http://music.cpopshare.com/cpop/

Kpop Share: http://music.kpopshare.com/kpop/

Jpop Share: http://music.jpopshare.com/jpop/


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Yay! A clever idea =D Awesome job and will help me oh-so-much with all my asian pop, lol

Awesome job Neko ^^

Comment by Shu Ming

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